Ljubljana summer vacation with daycare 2024 including horseriding

During the summer holidays we will prepare a reliable, educative and above all unforgettable care for school-age children.
We will organize a varied program, as we will spend days partly in the wild on the farm.

For a quick overview of how children enjoy summer daycare, watch the video below…

I am Tanja Pogačnik Fartek, mother of a 12. year old son. I am educated as a preschool teacher with the status of a babysitter at home.

I also work in the day care at the Primary School.

Since 2009 I have been doing babysitting in my own childcare, at various events, workshops and birthdays. So far, I have been a part of more than 3000 events.

We will prepare an interesting morning program in the playground, where we will focus on creativity and playfulness.

Horserider Nadja will take care of children after lunch to give your children a unique experience out on fresh air.

To see how creative we are, you can take a look at the variety of our past events and ideas that were published in various media: https://rubirudi.com/v-medijih


Reasons why your child will have a great time with us:

  • A part of the day will be dedicated to playing and expressing creativity
  • We will spend time outdoors, get to know horses and, of course, ride them.
  • We will have lots of fun, socialising with peers, music workshops and creative lessons.
  • We will have various sports activities, we will go on a trip to the nearby forests and hills.
  • We will do various crazy experiments and learn new creative techniques.
  • We will have lots of other activities that may for now, remain a secret.




Summer daycare program

Every day will take place at a regular rhythm so that children can maintain their school discipline. We will have a rich schedule, but also time for free play and socializing.


Daily schedule

7.30 – 8.00: arrival, free play
8.30 – 9.00: breakfast
9.00 – 11.00: activities (games, music workshops, creative workshops)
11.00 – 12.00: walk, visit to the playgrounds, outdoor activities
12.00 – 13.00: lunch, free play
13.00 – 15.30: activities on the farm, horseback riding, taking care of horses, outdoor games, water games, creativity, visits)
15.30: afternoon snack
to 16:30: free play

Daycare options

– 5 days*
– 3 days
– 2 days

* horse caretakers – Children who are in our care all 5 days are also horse caretakers and assistant animators one day a week. In addition to riding, the caretakers take care of the horse, help with care, brushing, feeding, cleaning the box, and help the rider.

Age of children

We take care of school-age children from the age of 6 to the age of cca. 12 years or children who are enrolled in Grade 1 in September.

Slots for 2024 are open:


  1. termin od 1.7. do 5.7.
  2. termin od 15.7. do  19.7.
  3. termin od 5.8. do 9.8.
  4. termin od 12.8. do  16.8. 2023  (4 dni)


1. termin od 1.7. do 5.7. 2024
2. termin od od 15.7. do 19.7.2024
3. termin od od 29.7. do 2.8.2024
4. termin od od 5.8. do 9.8.2024
5. termin od od 19.8. do 23.8.2024

Vacation with daycare 2024 will take place in five slots from 7:30 to 16:30, as follows:

The group slots are limited!


We will spend the afternoon at the Česenj farm, located in Brod, Ljubljana, Marinovševa Road 4, 1000 Ljubljana.

Other location is at the na hipodrom Lesce, Alpska cesta 109, Lesce.

Daycare is guaranteed regardless of weather (rain, heat, etc.).


The price of the 5th day care is €190, the second child from the same family €160, the third child from the same family €140.

The price of the 3. day care is €140.

The price of the 2. day care is €115.

The price includes: the entire program, morning activities, care and daily horse riding, afternoon activities on the farm, creative materials, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack.

Applications and reservations for Lesce:

If you have any questions, please contact us at 040 415 211 or at tanja@rubirudi.com.
Applications are accepted only until filling of each slots via the form below.




Parents’ opinions about us:

Brina says it was really nice. I’l bring her again for a day or two in August, for sure. Jerneja

Thank you very much for all the photos – you’ve really done a lot of interesting activities…Nea had a great time and is anxiously waiting to come again. Thank you for the enrichment of her holidays. Saša

I have to tell you that this vacation daycare was a really happy experience for her, because every day she could hardly wait for the next day to arrive so she can go back to you. Tjaša

Thank you very much for the daycare and for the pictures, Lukas was very pleased and would be happy to come again if he was at home during one of the next terms. Mirjam

Inti was very excited and she anxiously waited for the next day to arrive (except for the day when a trip to Šmarna gora was on schedule). I think this tells you everything. Špela

Thank you and everyone involved for wonderful memories and care J Tatjana

Thank you for the super organisation. Žiga had a great time and I’m sure he will want to come back for the next holidays. Uroš

I think that Nea had an even better time than at her first visit….she says that this time she really socialised well with the other girls. Saša

Katarina came back veeeery happy. Thank you for this unique experience. Ana

Thanks to you and the animators for a careful and beautiful experience – Romina was very fond of everything you did  Tatjana




… but in your head are more and more questions …

“How to organize a child’s birthday party?” “What to do with children for 2 or 3 hours?” “How to prepare the environment?” “What if the space is not big enough or suitable for children?” … and what about invitations, gifts, cake, food …for all of this I need a lot of time and money. “

Do you have similar questions, doubts or worries? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would do all of the painful task for you?


Our entertainers have knowledge and experience working with children. They are friendly, creative, flexible and enjoy working with children. Most of them also have a teaching degree. We speak Slovenian, Croatian, English and German.

Why Rubi and Rudi?

  • because we listen to the wishes of children and parents
  • because we have several indoor and outdoor locations in Ljubljana and Slovenia
  • because we offer outdoors parties
  • because we offer affordable prices
  • because we have many years of experience in working with children and organizing parties ( over 3000 parties)
  • because we want to provide the best entertainment for your child 🙂

Birthday in the sport hall

Birthday party in Šentvid, Ljubljana

Leave the whole party organisation to us and we will make sure that it will be unique and unforgettable. We have prepared an All-Inclusive package, where we take care of everything!

If you have any questions, contact us on 040 415 211 or click here for prices or reservation…

For carefree playtime in any weather, celebrate and have fun with us in the Rubi and Rudi’s children playground.
The playground is located in Ljubljana Šentvid.

Whether it’s rainy, cold or very hot, a pleasant, bright and air-conditioned place is waiting for you.


  • A bright, spacious ground, measuring 55 m2, is available
  • All accessories for celebrating bithdays
  • Friendly and trained animators, varied program

Organized birthday celebration with an animator

Do you want a special and unforgettable birthday for your child? Leave it to us, just like many happy parents who already celebrated their children’s birthdays with us. Do you not believe us? Let the pictures of happy children speak for themselves:

See other pictures of over 3000 events in the gallery – Children’s birthdays.



We are reliable and professional animators with more than 15 years of experience in working with children and organizing celebrations. We have already organized over 3000 birthday parties, creative workshops and other events for parents, children and companies. Our experience guarantees that we are the right choice.

Click here to learn more about our animators, our work and who we are

If you have any questions, contact us on 040 415 211 or click here for prices or reservation…


Our program of celebrations is adapted to the wishes of each child, depending on what he/she likes and his/her type of character. You can also choose a combination of two different programs.

Various programs are available in four basic themes:

For active, adventurous, playful children:
Motion workshops (motion games, obstacles, polygons, outdoor games, ball games, relay games…)

For those who like music, dance, sounds, imitation:
Music workshops (dance steps, music games, improvisation, sound mimicking, making musical instruments and playing them,…)

For little artists who like to draw, smudge, knead, to create:
Creative workshops (production and design with various materials: clay, fimo clay, Plasticine/Play-Doh; jewelry making, mosaics, thematic workshops based on the current time of the year (season), …)

For little researchers who are interested in experiments:
Little scientist (experimenting, overflowing, mixing, observing..)

Besides animation, we can also perform face painting. The painting is performed by an additional animator.

Rubi Rudi na Planet TV


By prior arrangement, we are available every day of the week.

Our guided animation with snacks lasts for 2 hours.


* Selected theme
* 2-hour program
* Child care
* Animator(s)
* E-invitations
* Snacks on request
* Drinks as desired
* Accessories for snacks and cake
* E-pictures of the celebration
* A gift for the birthday boy/girl

If you have any questions, contact us on 040 415 211 or click here for prices or reservation…

Face painting

Make your party more interesting with face or hand painting.

poslikava obraza - facepainting

Face painting at kids’ parties offers numerous benefits and adds a special dimension to the event.

Here are some reasons why face painting is popular and why it’s an excellent addition to kids’ parties:

  1. Creativity and Self-Expression: Face painting encourages children to express their creativity by choosing designs or characters they like. It allows them to personalize their look, fostering a sense of individuality.
  2. Imaginative Play: Kids love role-playing and pretending to be their favorite characters. Face painting enhances their imaginative play, allowing them to transform into superheroes, animals, princesses, or any other character they admire.
  3. Entertainment Value: Face painting is an engaging activity that keeps children entertained throughout the party. It offers a hands-on and interactive experience, making the event more enjoyable.
  4. Social Interaction: While waiting for their turn to be painted, children often interact with each other, discussing designs and sharing excitement. It encourages socialization and friendship building among kids.
  5. Memorable Experience: Face painting creates lasting memories for children. They often remember the fun and joy of being transformed into their favorite characters, making the party a memorable experience.
  6. Versatility: Face painting can complement various party themes, from princesses and pirates to superheroes and animals. It adapts easily to different party themes, adding a special touch to the celebration.
  7. Safe and Non-Toxic: We use only high-quality, skin-safe paints, so that face painting is safe for children. Hypoallergenic face paints are used to ensure the safety of young skin.

Face painting at kids’ parties is not just about adding color to their faces.

It’s a creative outlet that promotes imagination, social interaction, and creating an entertaining and memorable experience for children attending the party.

Price for Ljubljana, Gorenjska ….up to 15 kids 80€

Other part of Slovenia 95€

Transportian cost from Ljubljana. 

Price face painting with our animation 60€ and  animator cost


                                                         Book Us at tanja@rubirudi.com.



Visit of Santa Claus

All ‘good’ children will be visited by Santa Claus.

Children’s workshops with horses

There wil be courses, workshops and other programs for children with horses

  • Summer holiday care for school-age children

This year, we will offer quality vacations to your children – partly in the playground and partly at the nearby farm with horseback riding.

Applications for summer holiday care are already open!


Would you like to celebrate a birthday outside of Ljubljana? Do you have indoor or outdoor place, right for a party? Then our offer is just perfect for you!


What is included in a birthday package?

  • Animator / s
  • Material for  the program
  • E- invitation
  • E – pictures of celebrations
  • A gift for the birthday child

How long?

The celebration lasts 2 hours, date and time can be arranged in advance.


Parents provide a place for the party.


For kids’ birthday up to 10 children – € 95, each additional child € 5.  (Ljubljana and Gorenjska)

For kids’ birthday up to 10 children – € 115, each additional child € 5. (Dolenjska, Primorska, Štajerska, Pomorje)

Additional fee for transportation may be added depending on the distance from Ljubljana and the number of children

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate, call us today at +386 (0) 40 415 211 or write us an email at tanja@rubirudi.com.


In the natural, home environment we prepared a cosy place where we will have fun together. We play games, have creaative workshops,  ride a horse and much more!

Ljubljana Brod/Tacen

What is included in a birthday package?

  • One or more animator
  • Place for the party
  • E-Invitations
  • E- photos
  • Snacks – optional
  • Drink – optional
  • Images of the celebration
  • A small gift for the birthday child
  • Horse ride

Where we celebrate children’s birthday?

*Farm at Ljubljana Šentvid/Brod


We celebrate in a green village Brod, closed to mountain Šmarna gora. The farmers work with approximately 2 hectares of fields: industrial hemp – manufactured for tea, oil and seeds. In a glasshouse they grow fresh tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, green beans, beetroot, turnips, zucchini and fresh herbs.

In the farm we will meet two horses, maybe some cat :). Kids will see greenhouses, domestic fowl, have a horse ride and will be playing on the spacious lawn.

*Farm at Lesce

A nice farm in the nature. Here we have more horses to ride.

horse riding for kids

How long?

The celebration lasts 2 hours, date and time can be arranged in advance.


Children’s birthday up to 10 children – € 204, each additional child € 5 Ljubljana

Children’s birthday up to 10 children – € 174, each additional child € 5 Lesce

Horse riding is inclluded.

Parents can bring their own cake.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate, call us today at +386 (0) 40 415 211 or write us an email at tanja@rubirudi.com.

You can book your reservation here.



animacija otrok na poroki

Wedding is one of the most beautiful moments for adults. We will take care that children will not feel neglected and bored. Children will be able to join us whenever they want and are also free to decide how much time they will be with us.

Animation can be performed indoors or outdoors, depending on your place.

Additional offer

– Rent an inflatable playground 70-150 € / depending on the size of the playground.

– Face painting.

Price – please contact us. 

Please call us today at +386 (0) 40 415 211 or write us an email at tanja@rubirudi.com as your wedding is unique and so are your needs regarding the children.

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  1. Martha

    I have the same questions as Erica. I am interested in the horse farm party for the 2nd or 3rd of December. Would it be possible?

    Is it possible to have it in Englisch or German?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Erica

    Hi, my name is Erica and I am preparing a party for my 6 year old daughter, is it possible on the 17 of September
    Can you please send me some more information on the farm party:
    1. What activities will you do in case of rain?
    2. Is it possible to have 4 hours?
    3. What food will you serve?
    4. Before can I take a look at the place?
    Thank you so much, I hope to see you soon!

    1. Rubi


      I already send you all the information. Nice day, Tanja

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    what happened in case of rain?
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    anna poggi

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